The current plan with a 2030 horizon, was approved by Commission in May 2008. This Plan is primarily needs based with some project identification. This plan contains seven primary elements. These elements are:

  • Bridge Needs & Maintenance
  • Interstate Plan
  • Statewide/Regional Transit Plan
  • MPO & COG Long-Range Plans
  • Railroad ROW Preservation Inventory
  • Safety Plan
  • Statewide Strategic Corridor Plan

To see the 2008 Plan, click the link: 2008 Multimodal Transportation Plan

How will new Federal legislation influence the 2040 planning process?

MAP-21 Planning

  • Transition to performance-based, outcome-driven planning process, with State setting performance targets
  • Long range plan to include report on conditions & performance of system relative to established performance measures

Freight Provisions

  • The bill establishes a new National Freight Network and requires USDOT to create a national freight strategic plan.
  • The national freight strategic plan is to include an assessment of the condition and performance of the national freight network and identification of highway freight bottlenecks.
  • The federal share for highway projects that significantly improve freight efficiency is increased from 80% to 90% for projects off the Interstate System and 95% for projects on the Interstate System.
  • State freight advisory committees & freight plans encouraged; plan required to qualify for increased Federal share.

What are the six National Goal Areas of a Transportation Plan?

  • Safety
  • Infrastructure Condition
  • Congestion Reduction
  • System Reliability
  • Freight Movement & Economic Vitality
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Reduced Project Delivery Delays

Project News:

Quotes from our stakeholders

"This will be a new and integrated plan for transportation in South Carolina with an emphasis on commerce and safety. The plan will help us manage the transportation system we have and help us decide how to spend scarce resources to improve the system."

Secretary Bobby Hitt - South Carolina Department of Commerce

"Ship sizes are increasing, and increasing exports are helping to create a balance with imports at the port. While these trends are good for South Carolina, they put pressure on the transportation infrastructure, and this study will help us address that pressure."

Jack Ellenberg - Vice President, South Carolina State Ports Authority

"This is the first time I have seen this level of cooperation at the state agency level. FHWA looks forward to working with you in this partnership to document the performance of the transportation system, to focus on freight efficiency, and to take advantage of the funding flexibility contained in recent federal programs."

Bob Lee - South Carolina Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration