Project Stakeholders & Resource Committees

Stakeholder Webinars
SCDOT host two series of Stakeholder Webinars as part of the SCDOT Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan development. The webinars were designed to provide updates on the progress of the Multimodal Transportation Plan, as well as Public Transportation, Rail, Interstate, Strategic Corridor, and Freight plans and most importantly receive input and buy-in from our stakeholders. Please click here for more information.
Please click here for more information.

SCDOT is committed to developing a multimodal transportation plan in collaboration with transportation stakeholders. While the multimodal plan will include five modal plans for Interstates, Strategic Corridors, Rail, Freight, and Public Transit, three stakeholder committees will be engaged throughout the plan development to guide the outcomes of the work program and all five modal plans. Contributions from these committees will cross modal plans and provide integrated guidance for the planning team.

SCDOT has reached out for partnerships across the public, private and non-profit sectors to participate as stakeholders. From Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to executives from the South Carolina Department of Commerce (SCDOC) and South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCSPA), every geographic region of South Carolina is represented by public agencies affected by or participating in transportation planning in the state. From the private community, SCDOT has engaged members of the transportation and distribution industry, the economic development community, Class 1 railroads to members of non-profit organizations to gain additional insight to their respective needs and concerns about the transportation system in South Carolina.

Individuals invited to participate have not been assigned to a specific committee, rather they were encouraged to participate in the topic areas most relevant to their agency, business or community.

Highway Planning Resource Committee

For the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan, the stakeholder committee most focused on highway transportation will provide valuable insight into the planning for the highway system through the year 2040. The overarching themes of the statewide plan include a needs assessment, asset inventory, and estimated maintenance costs of the state's roadway system. This will also include an examination of how the roadway system is funded and maintained. In the modal plans of the Interstate System Plan and Strategic Corridor Plan, the role of those roadways in interstate and intrastate economic development will be evaluated. This stakeholder committee will participate in those plans from goal setting on the plan level to how the state's highway system can support their businesses and other economic development goals of South Carolina.

Freight Planning Resource Committee

This committee represents a wide cross section of citizens and business people from South Carolina. From trucking companies to Class 1 railroads, this group will provide invaluable experience and data from their industries to assist SCDOT in developing the state's first Statewide Freight Plan. This plan, crossing all modes of transport, will integrate goods movement needs with local economic development plans. While private data sources for freight movement exist, these stakeholders will provide both quantifiable and non-quantifiable issues facing the transportation industry and how best SCDOT can support that economic activity here in South Carolina.

Transit Planning Resource Committee

The Statewide Public Transit and Human Coordination Plan will balance both the needs of local communities as well as intercity transit needs. As one might imagine, there are many stakeholders intimately familiar with those needs available to help compile this plan. In addition to traditional transit and human coordination plans, this group will also provide insight into how transit can support Corridor Plans, Bike and Pedestrian planning, and how best transit can support regional economic development in their communities. This local knowledge from stakeholders will support the statewide planning team throughout the plan development.

Engagement with Stakeholders & Resource Committee

In the spirit of time and cost efficiencies, the statewide planning team will work with members of the committees to minimize the effort needed to participate in the statewide plan development. Members of the statewide planning team will participate in regularly scheduled meetings involving committee stakeholders, such as the Transportation Distribution Logistics (TDL) Council of New Carolina. This allows the plan development team to work more closely with the most members of that organization. The planning team is working to identify the most opportunity to engage the most members of these communities to find the highest level of success for the SCDOT Statewide Multimodal Plan.

Project Stakeholders

AAA Carolinas
Aiken County Government
Aiken County Planning & Development
Alliance Consulting Engrs
Argos Cement
Carolinas Association of General Contractors
Catawba Regional Council of Governments
CC&T Real Estate Services
Central Midland Council of Governments/COATS MPO
Central Midlands RTA
Charleston District, Corps of Engineers
Clemson Area Transit
Columbia Metropolitan Airport
Davis & Floyd
Department of Disabilities & Special Needs
Eat Smart Move More SC
Ingenuity SC
FHWA-SC Division
Florence County Planning Department (FLATS)
GE Capital Corporation
H+J Trucking, Inc.
Hanson Aggregates
High Street Consulting
Hunter Transportation Company Inc.
I-95 Corridor Coalition
Lexington County Commission/Mayor, Town of Lexington

Lower Savannah COG
New Carolina
Newberry County Council on Aging
Norfolk Southern
Palmetto Conservation Foundation
Palmetto Cycling Coalition
Pee Dee COG
Pee Dee Regional Transp. Auth.
Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments
SC Aeronautics Commission
SC Alliance to Fix Our Roads - SC FOR
SC Chamber of Commerce
SC Coastal Conservation League
SC Department of Commerce
SC Department of Social Services
SC Department of Public Safety
SC Energy Office
SC House of Representatives
SC Office of Regulatory Staff
SC Power Team
SC Senate
SC State Ports Authority
SC State University
Sloan Construction Co., Inc. SUATS MPO
South Carolina Trucking Association
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Upper Savannah COG
Upstate Forever
Upstate SC Alliance
URS Corporation
UTi Integrated Logistics
UTS Inc.

Quotes from our stakeholders

"This will be a new and integrated plan for transportation in South Carolina with an emphasis on commerce and safety. The plan will help us manage the transportation system we have and help us decide how to spend scarce resources to improve the system."

Secretary Bobby Hitt - South Carolina Department of Commerce

"Ship sizes are increasing, and increasing exports are helping to create a balance with imports at the port. While these trends are good for South Carolina, they put pressure on the transportation infrastructure, and this study will help us address that pressure."

Jack Ellenberg - Vice President, South Carolina State Ports Authority

"This is the first time I have seen this level of cooperation at the state agency level. FHWA looks forward to working with you in this partnership to document the performance of the transportation system, to focus on freight efficiency, and to take advantage of the funding flexibility contained in recent federal programs."

Bob Lee - South Carolina Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration