Encroachment Permit - For any project managed by an LPA that may involve work or activities on rights of way of SCDOT, an Encroachment Permit must be submitted by the LPA through the Encroachment Permit Processing System (EPPS) and approved by SCDOT. The Encroachment Permit application must be submitted to the appropriate RME for review and approval and include a cover letter indicating that the project is an LPA project. The LPA shall coordinate with the RME to identify items that will be maintained by the LPA and include these items in the application. After approval, the LPA will provide a copy of the Encroachment Permit to the LPAA Office prior to advertising the project for construction.

If any changes to the project occur during further project development/construction that alters the maintenance items listed in the Encroachment Permit, the LPA, at the completion of the project shall request a revision to the permit reflecting these changes.

LPA Procedures - Section B.5.