Field Review & Scope Development - The Local Public Agency must conduct an onsite project field review and complete the Local Public Agency Project Planning Report (PPR) to include the project(s) description, location, length, purpose, need or goal of project. , the LPA shall include, at a minimum, the LPAA, PPM, RCE and RME assigned to the project. The LPA shall distribute copies of the PPR among the participants during the scoping meeting and submit a completed copy to the LPAA incorporating all information and comments resulting from the scoping meeting. The PPR will be used to conduct and document the LPA project field review and is intended to also be used as a preliminary determination in establishing roles and responsibilities in developing the PA. The completed PPR must be submitted to the LPAA prior to the development of the PA.

The Project Planning Report can be accessed by selecting the link below:

LPA Procedures - Section A.4.