LPA Request to Manage Project - If an LPA desires to administer a project, the LPA must make a written request to the LPAA to manage an identified project or phases of a project. An LPA's approval to manage federal or state funded projects will be effective for three years. During this period, an LPA is responsible for providing any changes to processes that were used to qualify them initially as an LPA. Furthermore, the LPA will be required to provide the LPA's financial audits on an annual basis in accordance with the Single Audit Act (OMB Circular A-133: Audits of States, Local Government, and Non-Profit Organizations) The LPA will not be required to reapply for management of subsequent projects of similar or lesser scope within the three year certification period.

The LPA must complete the following form when requesting to manage a state or federally funded project.

LPA Procedures - Section A.1.