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SCDOT Herbicide Operations Manual

The purpose of the SCDOT Herbicide Operations Manual is to provide information and guidance in promoting the safe and proper use of herbicides, thereby protecting the environment and the public health while performing indispensable highway maintenance and safety as part of the South Carolina Department of Transportation's Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program. This manual does not promote the widespread and indiscriminate use of herbicides to control vegetation along highway rights-of-way. It provides personnel performing Herbicide Applications (Highway Maintenance Management System (HMMS) Activity 402) the fundamentals of herbicides, treatment guidelines, equipment, safety and record keeping.

This manual will be revised periodically (generally, each fiscal year) to reflect new developments in materials, application techniques and management directives. Regulations affecting herbicide usage and the registration status of specific material can change without notice. Manufacturer's labeling is the final authority for use of all herbicides, adjuvants, and blends.

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