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There are many funding programs and categories which provide federal and state assistance for transit services. Titles are in alphabetical order. Certifications and Assurances for FFY2012 will be available on SCDOT website at the beginning of the new year. Applicants who do not include them in their program applications will not be penalized. You will be given ample opportunity to provide them upon approval of your application. Please check back for updates.

FTA Master Agreement:
FFY2015 (SFY2015-2016) Master Agreement (PDF 1.4 Mb)
FFY2014 (SFY2014-2015) Master Agreement (PDF 3.9 Mb)

FTA Certification & Assurance Language
FFY2015 FTA Certifications & Assurances (PDF 453 Kb)

FFY2015 Required Signature Documents & Information
FFY2015 Transit Program Signature documents (DOC 206b)
Local Match Form (DOC 70Kb)
Form 424 - Application for Federal Assistance (PDF 265 Kb)

SFY2015-2016 Funding Announcements/Call for Projects

Section 5311 - Rural Transit Program (You must download and save files to your computer)
Call For Projects (PDF 2Mb)
Rural Transit Formula Program (PDF 907 Kb)
Annual Application for Funding (DOC 637 Kb)
Property Inventory (XLSX 23 Kb)
Application Budget (XLSX 56 Kb)
Application for Federal Assistance (PDF 269 Kb)

Section 5310 - Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program
(You must download and save files to your computer)
SFY 2015-2016 Rural 5310 Application Guidance (DOC 750 Kb)
SFY2015-2016 Section 5310 (Rural) (PDF 915 Kb)
SFY2015-2016 Small Urban 5310 Application Guidance (DOC 749 Kb)
SFY2015-2016 Section 5310 (Small Urban) (PDF 915 Kb)
Announcement Memo (PDF 1 Mb)

State Mass Transit Funds (You must download and save files to your computer)
SMTF Application Signature Documents (DOC 87.5 Kb)
Form 424 Application for Federal Assistance (PDF 264 Kb)
SFY2015-2016 Mass Transit Funds (Call for Projects) (PDF 2 Mb)
SFY2015-2016 SMTF Guidance (PDF 486 Kb)
Annual Application for Funding (DOC 638 Kb)

Sample MT IFB
Sample MT IFB (PDF 514 Kb)

Daily Bus Report/Pre-Trip Inspection:
Daily Bus Report (PDF 45 Kb)

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