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Act 98

Additional Funding for SC Roads

Act 98 of 2013 provided SCDOT additional funding for bridge, resurfacing and mainline interstate projects. Since the passage of ACT 98, SCDOT has worked diligently to advance the newly funded projects towards construction. All projects identified for funding have been prioritized and selected based on Act 114 prioritization criteria. Below is a summary of funding for each category, as well as links to applicable project lists.

Bridge Projects

SCDOT received a non-recurring appropriation of $50M to be used as the state match requirement for the federal-aid bridge program. Those bridge projects are identified in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and will be addressed over the next two to three years.

State funds that were originally planned to be utilized as the state match requirement for federal-aid bridges will be shifted to repair approximately 90 bridges that are closed or load-restricted. This will enable SCDOT to address approximately 25% of the state's load-restricted bridges. These bridges will be addressed over the next two to three years. It is anticipated that SCDOT will receive bids on the first set of bridge projects in spring 2014.

Review the List of Closed or Load-Restricted bridges. (pdf, 7.69 Mb) Updated: Jan. 2015

Resurfacing Projects (Non-Federal Aid Highway Routes)

Act 98 of 2013 provided an annual appropriation of approximately $41M to be used for the maintenance of secondary roads. These will nearly double the amount of non-federal aid funding targeted annually by SCDOT specifically for the state's vast secondary road system. Roads will be selected on an annual basis based on Act 114 criteria. SCDOT received bids on the first year's new allocation in December 2013 and work is expected to begin on these roads in spring 2014.

View the first year's List of Roads to be Resurfaced with Act 98 Funding. (pdf, 317kb) Updated: Jan. 2015

Mainline Interstate Projects

Act 98 of 2013 provided an annual appropriation of $50M to SCDOT, which in turn will transfer an equivalent amount to the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB) to be utilized to finance an estimated $550M on existing mainline interstate. The Act required SCDOT to submit a list of projects to the SCTIB for approval, and required approval by the Joint Bond Review Committee. Approval of the following projects in the amount of $549,402,000 occurred in December 2013 for funds not to exceed:

  1. $80M for the I-85/385 interchange upgrade project in Greenville County
  2. $154,701,000 for the I-20 widening project in Lexington County (10 miles)
  3. $38,701,000 for the I-77 widening project in Richland County (2.6 miles)
  4. $262M for Phases I & II of the I-85 widening project in Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties (16 miles); funds not to exceed $4M for preliminary engineering for Phase III of the I-85 widening project in Cherokee County
  5. $10M for preliminary engineering for I-26/20/126 - Malfunction Junction in Richland & Lexington Counties

View an Estimated Timeline for the Above Projects.(pdf, 309 kb) Updated: Jan. 2015


Act 98 of 2013

Act 114 of 2007

Act 114 Condensed Prioritization Requirements

Project Development Process Flow Chart

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