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Recognizing the need to stretch its limited funds, and to maintain and enhance South Carolina's position in the global marketplace, SCDOT developed a statewide multimodal transportation plan that focuses on coordinated and effective use of all transportation assets. A set of strategic corridors that form the backbone of the state's transportation system will be identified to provide a network that adequately meets passenger and freight demands.

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Planning Process (PDF 116 Kb)
Executive Summary (PDF 1.6 Mb)
Statewide Strategic Corridor (PDF 14 Mb)
Statewide Interstate Plan (PDF 117 Kb)
Strategic Highway Safety Plan (PDF 13.7 Mb)
Rail Inventory (PDF 1.1 Mb)
Public Involvement Summary (PDF 118 Kb)
Resource Committee Members (PDF 18 Kb)

Statewide Transit Plan :

SC Statewide Transit Plan (PDF 4.8 Mb)
Appalachian Regional Transit Plan (PDF 790 Kb)
Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Regional Transit Plan (PDF 1 Mb)
Catawba Regional Transit Plan (PDF 1 Mb)
Central Midlands Regional Transit Plan (PDF 1 Mb)
Lowcountry Regional Transit Plan (PDF 911 Kb)
Lower Savannah Regional Transit Plan (PDF 975 Kb)
Pee Dee Regional Transit Plan (PDF 1.1 Mb)
Santee-Lynches Regional Transit Plan (PDF 965 Kb)
Upper Savannah Regional Transit Plan (PDF 929 Kb)
Waccamaw Regional Transit Plan (PDF 1.1 Mb)

Statewide Coordination Plan

SC Coordination Plans - Executive Summary (PDF 59 Kb)
Appalachian Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 854 Kb)
Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 511 Kb)
Catawba Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 648 Kb)
Central Midlands Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 608 Kb)
Lowcountry Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 910 Kb)
Lower Savannah Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 748 Kb)
Pee Dee Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 575 Kb)
Santee-Lynches Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 604 Kb)
Upper Savannah Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 778 Kb)
Waccamaw Regional Coordination Plan (PDF 611 Kb)

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