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The Department developed a statewide priority project list based on the requirements of Legislative Act 114 of 2007. Listed below are copies of projects that have been approved.

Approved Projects:

State Program 2015 (PDF 23.4 Mb) Approved 06/19/2014
State Program 2014 (PDF 9 Mb) Approved 05/16/2013
State Program 2013 (PDF 3.5 Mb) Approved 07/19/2012
State Program 2012 (PDF 19 Mb) Approved 05/19/2012
State Program 2011 (PDF 21.9 Mb) Approved 05/20/2011
State Program 2010 (PDF 14.3 Mb) Approved 05/21/2009
State Program 2009 (PDF 10.9 Mb) Approved 10/18/2007
Commission June 2008 Projects - (PDF 881 Kb)
Commission Act 114 Workshop - September 2007 - (PDF 1.3 Mb)
Commission Act 114 Workshop - October 2007 - (PDF 665 Kb)

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